Join the project.

This initiative is supported by the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI). Current partner organisations include Etude, the London Borough of Tower Hamlets (LBTH) and Atkins.

LBTH is committed to work with public sector, business and residents to devise ambitious, cost-effective plans to meet the UK100 pledge to go carbon free by 2050.

We would welcome any partner willing to invest time, money, data or expertise to make this a collective endeavour.


Email for more information. We are looking for collaborators to contribute to the project, here are some ideas:

Pledge 5 months of work                            

Pledge 1 month of work

Pledge 5 working days

Provide useful building energy data*

Contribute £5,000 to funding the project

Contribute £20,000 to funding the project

*the data will not be made public but would help our machine learning and statistical analysis

Climate change calls for new models and collaborations which are truthful and more intense. Join us!

This initiative is supported by: