Estimating energy use of existing dwellings – initial data analysis

The Zero Carbon 2050 challenge has been set… We need to reduce energy consumption from our buildings through energy efficiency, improving heating and cooling and by generating renewable energy. No small task…

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Non-domestic analysis: in a nutshell

If you have been following the work we’ve been doing as part of the London Energy Map so far, you’ll have seen that we started our journey by investigating actual energy consumption for the domestic sector. This post summaries the work we have carried out to investigate the measured energy consumption for non-domestic buildings, which has been far more challenging to say the least…

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Operational energy in non-domestic buildings

In order to create a building level model for estimating non-domestic operational energy consumption, we referred to DECs which are the only source of publicly available meter data we have for non-domestic buildings. For non-domestic buildings, we are interested particularly in their energy use intensity (EUI) in kWh/m2. Intuitively this makes sense as a storage facility with a large floor area will have very different heating demands to an office of a similar size. However, we very quickly realised several limitations in the dataset.

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